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E-Commerce Solutions
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E-Commerce Solutions

        BusinessPower offers end-to-end e-business services to analyze, enable and optimize any business. We believe personalization will ultimately make the Internet the most powerful marketing tool ever. It deepens relationships, speeds transactions and uses business intelligence to influence sales.

        Personalization is not a new concept, however, the latest Internet and e-business technologies present the potential to take personalization farther than ever before - providing your business with opportunities that, until recently, were impossible. For the first time in history, you can efficiently treat huge numbers of customers, prospects, employees or partners-as individuals. Making it easier to do business - faster. BusinessPower can work with you to develop the new e-business applications you need to significantly improve your customer and partner relationships, and turn the Web into a competitive advantage.

        Our eCommerce mission is simple: To ensure that at this most critical juncture, you have the information technology products in place to help you succeed.

        In today's virtual world, companies must integrate and deploy technology and services across the boundaries of their enterprise. Whether running customer self-service facilities, online transaction and Internet-based procurement systems, or managing shipments of products and supplies, the same four criteria prevail: speed, accuracy, accountability and consistency.

        BusinessPower has the experience and the proven ability to help companies capitalize on the benefits of today's eBusiness marketplace. The stakes have never been higher. But the rewards have never been greater.

Strategy and Consulting

        You need a plan to succeed in the new economy, something beyond "build it and they will come." With our strategy and consulting services, we help you lay the foundations of your success.

Business-to-Business - B2B

        The fastest growing sector of the Internet economy is Business-to-Business commerce. With everything from virtual marketplaces to supply chain integration, we have the tools you need to participate in this brave new market.


        Whether you are a bricks-and-mortar company making your move to the Internet, or an emerging dot-com, we can help you create an exciting Web presence, build effective eCommerce functionality and perform the heavy lifting on the back-end that will keep it purring.

Commerce Applications

        Commerce Applications are the New Economy's "man behind the curtain." We pay attention to the details, to make sure you have the best tool available for the job at hand.

Marketing and Branding

        Even within marketing, you need to think beyond banners, buttons, online direct response and sponsorship. BusinessPower is one of the few professional services firms who offer their clients significant and deep experience in traditional as well as online marketing.

        Our raw material is everything we've learned building brands in both the electronic and geographic worlds your company inhabits. Armed with this marketing expertise, we spend time in the trenches with you, your customers and everyone else you rely on to do business.

        This hands-on approach informs our vision and shapes your strategy. The end result is a creatively focused plan that demonstrates an understanding of who you are, and what you stand for, and expresses it to the world in ways that are engaging, relevant and persuasive - speaking to consumers' hearts and minds.

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