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Custom Graphics

        Color, shape, and style; the first thing that hits a visitor’s eye when they see your web site.  Professional quality graphic design can make the difference between getting your  message across, or losing your visitor to a more interesting web site.  Banners, buttons, and icons must be effective, yet load quickly enough  to hold the visitor’s attention.  Efficient and fast-loading web designs are our  specialty at BusinessPower.com.   Animation and other multimedia elements can make your web site come alive!

        We at BusinessPower.com can not only create very striking web graphics but can also design your advertising banners, icons and even your logos.  Advertising banners are those colorful, often animated, rectangular commercials  that are appearing on more and more Web sites.  Besides presenting an immediate graphics- and text-based advertising message, an ad banner is also usually linked to  the advertiser's Web site. When the viewer clicks on the ad banner, the advertiser's Web site loads in the Web browser window.  Why are ad banners so popular?  Because it's no longer enough to just create a Web site, submit its address (URL) to a  few search engines, and sit back to wait for visitors.  In the early days of the Web, there was so little competition, that if you built it, they would come. Now, there are  thousands of new sites launched each day.  As in other media, you won't sell no matter how good your product or service is if people don't know you have it. Promotion is necessary to draw people to your Web site. So, it's no coincidence that Web site advertising revenue is rising rapidly, along  with the number of new  Web sites.   For us designers, this provides a challenge: to create an irresistable invitation in a space smaller than a business card -- one that is sometimes viewed for less time than  it takes to turn a magazine page.  In that small space, the ad must deliver an  impression, and perhaps also an advertising message, and compel the viewer to  click on it to get more information from the client's Web site. In a sense, it's like a direct mail envelope - but instead of getting the reader to open the envelope, you want to get them to double-click, and come visit your Web site.

        In creating custom graphics, we pay attention to detail.  We make sure that they are eye-catching, to the point and easy to download.  We will work with you until you’re completely satisfied and your web site and its contents are doing what they are supposed to.  So, call us today.. Let us start on your new project!

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