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"BusinessPower.com provides industrial-strength dedicated servers with custom hardware and administrative access for demanding UNIX and NT web applications."
Web Hosting

        BusinessPower.com offers a Hosting service that provides your organization with a secure 24-hour interactive presence and a 99.99% uptime service level guarantee. The service features a unique architecture with servers that are redundantly connected via high-speed lines to BusinessPower.com's backbone. We have designed a unique Web hosting environment that is divided into several application functions:

  • World Wide Web (http)
  • File Transfer (ftp)
  • Content Management (Data Storage)
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • Multimedia Services

        Each application operates on separate servers that are optimized for performance measurements unique to that application. (Other Web hosting providers place your site on one centralized server, which creates a potential single point of failure). We implement backup services to ensure your content is protected, and we provide you with your own domain name, monthly traffic reports, and the ability to write your own CGI scripts. BusinessPower.com also provides service level guarantees that your business Web site will be up and running every hour of the day, every day of the year.

World-Class Network Operations and Support

        BusinessPower.com Network Operations Center monitors our network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Field Service teams provide on-site service and solutions, anytime and anywhere. Our Customer Support Group provides telephone and e-mail consultation during business hours to solve problems or improve network performance. Direct and Redundant Network Access BusinessPower.com servers are directly and redundantly connected to the internet via 100 Mbps Ethernet connections to provide fail-safe circuits and to optimize speed to your Web site.

BusinessPower.com Offers a Full Range of Hosting Servises

        BusinessPower.com eCommerce: A complete, integrated, and secure electronic commerce hosting solution for businesses to market and sell around the clock seven days a week. BusinessPower.com Multimedia: Options that present your content in cutting edge environments. BusinessPower.com Web Site Design. A complete turnkey alternative to creating and updating your own Web site in-house.

BusinessPower.com Architecture

        Web site requests are initially routed through one of our redundant carrier-class Cisco routers, Cisco Catalyst, and then to the primary BIG/ip3. The primary load balancer checks each of the Web servers to determine which machine has the least amount of traffic on it, and then routes the Web request to that server. Once the traffic is on the Web server, the server checks to see if the site is held in the cache of that machine. If it is not, the content will be pulled from the data servers. If a Web server should fail, the load balancers will detect this and route traffic to another server. If a data server fails, the Web servers will pull the content from another data server. The data servers are fully mirrored so no content will be lost. The load balancers, Cisco Catalysts, and Cisco routers also are fully redundant.

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