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These beautiful web pages are available year round and come in hundreds of varieties. We'll be happy to help you select just the right color.

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Browsing the Web, you probably noticed sometimes that very different websites provide very different approaches to the same task. Usually, 99% of all corporate webpages provide some navigation bar with buttons on the left or at the top of the page. Although there is a great variety of web design methods on the internet, we narrow it all down to a very few general principles and traditions. Such principles we call Website Models.

We put together some general website models that probably will help you define your preferences and let us perceive the perfect style for your ideas... These are not full featured corporate sites nor they are "templates". We'll work on your site to give it a very individual and a unique look and feel of a custom design.


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    Here we have a typical sample web page that illustrates a "Corporate Style" layout for any online company that offers catalogs, services, presentations, and even online shopping...       In this example , we set it up as a possible "Florists site"...
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