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Custom Software Applications:  Software Engineering Skills
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BusinessPower provides a broad range of technical and management skills necessary for successful software engineering projects.

Software Engineering Skills

       BusinessPower provides a broad range of technical and management skills necessary for successful software engineering projects. They include but not limited to:

Operating Systems

       BusinessPower teams have developed numerous applications under the various versions of MS Windows (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000), IBM OS/2, various versions of UNIX (mainly Linux and Solaris) and MS DOS. BusinessPower teams also utilize experience in development of applications in heterogeneous environments like Linux - Windows NT, AIX - Windows 95/98, etc.

Programming Languages

       Include Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, Pascal and Borland Delphi, SQL, Perl, Lisp, PL/1, and Assembler x86.


       Client/server and multi-tier applications have been developed based on the next network technologies and protocols: CORBA, DCOM, RMI, RPC, TCP/IP, Named Pipes, IPX/SPX, etc.

Internet/Intranet Solutions

       BusinessPower teams possess advanced level Web and multimedia developers able to develop, deploy and maintain wide range complexity Web applications and sites. Developers utilize an expertise in the next major Internet/Intranet technologies: Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, XML, HTML/DHTML, CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language), CGI, JSP/ASP/PHP/DBML.

Project Management/Quality Assurance Skills

       Project management activities utilize advanced PM tools, which include MS Project and others. Teams are focused on and bounded by ISO 9000/3 and SEI CMM models of quality assurance and project life cycle. We identify ourselves as compliant to SEI CMM Level 3.

Software Modeling and Design

       Software modeling and design activities have been recently brought into compliance with the latest version of Rational Unified Process including use of UML. Rational Rose, Power Designer and Process Analyst are primary tools in design and application modeling. Database modeling is typically made with Power Designer Data Architect or ERWin.

       BusinessPower is also experienced at applying a number of state of the art tools to application development projects. Among the many tools in which we have experience are the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Allaire Cold Fusion
  • Oracle 8 etc.

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