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Why Us

        Nowadays, computers are changing almost all aspects of business life. This has produced a huge demand for teams who can develop software solutions to satisfy these business needs. This increase in demand has resulted in creating a shortage of qualified personnel and has driven the price of computer professionals to prohibitive levels. The problem is much more acute in the case of object oriented developers because of their scarcity in the market. As more and more companies are realizing the advantages of object oriented design and programming, the small number of experienced OO consultants in the United States is increasingly difficult to find and outrageously expensive to retain.

        BusinessPower specializes in state of the art customized software development and management at competitive rates. Our enormous programming resources coupled with the extensive experience of our project managers in the computer industry will translate into rapid implementation and extraordinary cost savings for the customer. We help customers to leverage emergent technologies to fulfil their strategic and tactical needs. We specialize in Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming.

        Our teams are our main assets. Competent professionals are inducted to our team through stringent selection process at all levels. Our programmers have experience in wide range of programming languages, operational systems and hardware. In addition to their experience, our team members possess impressive academic backgrounds with graduate, postgraduate and Bachelor degrees from various universities.

        Software development is knowledge consuming, tedious and above all, expensive. While CASE Tools are slowly reducing the corporate software backlog, a shortage of talented software engineers persists. Knowledgeable technical professionals are hard to be found and demand a high price for their talent. What's more, ongoing recruiting, relocation and benefits packages continue to swell the costs of software development, often putting immediate short term development needs beyond the reach of many organizations. There are 'off-the-shelf' software packages that can improve productivity, but sometimes it just doesn't do what you want, or does it in an inconvenient or inefficient manner. BusinessPower can design an application that meets your unique requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to develop a perfect solution. We strive to not only meet your current needs, but to build in the flexibility that will allow you to adopt and innovate for the opportunities of tomorrow. So, call us at (866) 467-8484 or simply fill out our contact form and we will contact you immediately to discuss your firms software needs.

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