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Web Hosting Services:   Why Host With Us?
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"BusinessPower.com provides industrial-strength dedicated servers with custom hardware and administrative access for demanding UNIX and NT web applications."
Why Host With Us?

        You might want to ask your existing web hosting company the following questions:

  1. Do they pay for your yearly internic fees every year at no cost to you?
  2. Do they give your web site features like "Delivering News Content", and "E-mail and Phone Number Search" capabilities? (So your visitors can see what the recent news headlines are and even do a phone number and e-mail search right from your web site)
  3. Will they give you two free design updates a year? (Either changing your existing pages or creating new ones..)
  4. Do they have a library of "already written" programming scripts that you can use?
  5. Did they submit your web site's URL to search engines for increased traffic?
  6. Do they periodically check your web site for broken links, non-existent pages etc.
  7. Do they make sure that your "HTML code" and the graphics on your pages are the most compact it can be?( for faster downloads)
  8. Do they provide you with very detailed extended statistics?
  9. Do they provide you with a desktop counter that can be placed anywhere on your browser or your desktop to monitor your hits as they happen?
  10. Do they help you with uploading or downloading of your files? or better yet, Do they upload or download them for you?

        In the Internet business world, a Web site is only as good as the server it's hosted on. A server on any platform (including Sun, Windows NT, Linux and Cobalt) allows for faster access to your information and services and provides you with greater flexibility in adding advanced web, database, and e-commerce applications. Other applications such as e-mail servers, intranet software, message boards, chat software, and streaming services can be easily installed on your own server.

        With our Web hosting, expert administration, advanced networking and managed services web hosting, BusinessPower.com offers complete solutions to our clients. Like our servers, we are "dedicated" to assisting you in your successful ventures on the Internet.


Monitoring of your server or your web site: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Multiple connections to the Internet backbone for uninterrupted bandwidth, 99.8% Network Uptime and we offer you the best performance guarantee available today. We also provide you with a high-speed Internet server coupled with uninterruptible power supply. Any hardware failures are our responsibility.


        Because BusinessPower.com is connected directly to eight of the largest backbone providers in the world, you can be assured your site will enjoy high availability and connection speeds world-wide, BusinessPower.com has more bandwidth in reserve than most countries have for Internet use. This provides peace of mind - we worry about the server and the Internet connection for you. That leaves you with the ability to totally focus on the addition and management of your site content. All systems are housed in secure, seismically braced racks cooled by a professional environmental control system. A professional team monitors the network 24/7/365 to guarantee smooth running. Our connectivity comes from four of the largest tier-1 backbones in existence (including GTE, Sprint, and Cable & Wireless). This is extremely important in making, and keeping, your Web Space as responsive as possible for your customers. This great access to quality backbones can mean fewer "hops" to the browsing machines, and fewer hops means more responsive server performance.

        Once you've become our partner, you'll discover why so many companies choose us for their critical Internet applications -- and why so many stay with us for the long term. We make it easy to satisfy all of your Internet requirements. Before you make a crucial decision about selecting a hosting provider, take a few minutes and contact us .. you'll find us helpful, friendly and attentive to your individual needs. Let us show you why BusinessPower.com should be your Web hosting and electronic commerce provider...

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